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CVD WorkFlow

Astute and Adaptive Way of Working

Taking automation to a new height, the solutions offered by STPL ensures that the processing is done in a much smarter and faster way compared to the conventional methods, achieving optimum brilliance with swift and precise actions.

Augmented Automation

Work Smarter, Faster

More Work in Less Time

The solutions are designed to maximize the outputs, with minimum loss of valuable time. They are made to undertake multiple operations like coring and slicing simultaneously, without need of any human intervention.

Smart Software

In diamond industry, accuracy is priceless; our intelligent software helps you achieve it effortlessly.

Turn Key Solutions

Designed to be profitable

  • Value for Money

    The STPL solutions are like all-in-one and only-one-of-its kind solution, simply the best money can buy.

  • Best Return of Investment

    Developed by the global leader with deep industry insights, the STPL offerings provide the best return of your investments.

  • Innovation at its Pinnacle

    Innovation forms the core of each STPL machine, making it work the way you want, not just the way it is designed.

Optimum Production

Effortless Excellence

High Uptime

At STPL everything revolves around just one goal – achieving maximum production. The high uptime of the solutions results in minimum work loss and maximum gains.

Swift & Sharp Cutting

STPL being a global pioneer in diamond laser cutting, the phenomenal laser supremacy and beam profile offer unmatched results.

Plan it & Let it Perform

The automated machines help you plan your workflow and then leave the rest to them, requiring minimum operator intervention.

Extreme Scalability

Pragmatic Approach

Invest in only what you need

Flexibility paves way for greater profitability. The STPL solutions are designed in such way that you can scale them up as your business grow; thus helping you have more operational funds on your hands.

Keep tabs on your costs

An insightful, pragmatic approach ensures that you can curb variable costs, easily.

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