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Advance Processing

4P & Blocking

Be it 4P or Blocking, our solutions offer everything that you need to win

Get the best of both the worlds

Advance processing solutions by STPL cover the entire scope of 4P and Blocking. Whichever way you want to move ahead, the end result is always a shining diamond, perfect in every sense.

Diamond 4P

CVD, Processing, blocking
  • Say No to Human Errors

    Easily adaptable and smart software saves time and reduces human errors by great numbers which ultimately results in optimum and qualitative output. There is certainly no need to fumble for data import manually, it is just a single click operation for all your 4p process needs.

  • Supremacy of Shape and Surface

    As we talk about the quality and quantity our high grade technologies are perceived with just one goal and that is being excellent. Our machines are designed to perform in such a way where it ensures the perfect shape and surface of the diamond.

  • Process your Stone Like a Pro

    Minimum Weight-loss and lowest possible Breakage.


Swift Actions, More Yields

Let it handle everything

Almost ready Diamonds

Swift production greatly enhances profitability. Smartly designed Blocking solutions by STPL give almost ready diamonds every time, which significantly reduces further processing needs.

Get More, Earn More

The intelligent Blocking process drastically augments the yield per project, resulting into more diamonds per diamond.

Enhanced Safety

The solutions ensure all round safety of the diamond during the Blocking process, giving you complete peace of mind.

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