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CVD Coring

Heralding a new era of maximum outputs, with minimum interventions

Intelligence at its pinnacle

Here is the perfect solution for all your diamond coring needs. Offering you full freedom, it ensures hands-free operation, requiring minimum intervention and hence, escalating the outputs. Explore the new standards of productivity.

Enjoy Full Freedom of Shape

Just think it to achieve it

CVD, Diamond, coring
  • Unleash Your Imagination

    Intelligent software help you create your own, free form shape drawings for safe, fast and highly cost-effective coring of CVDs.

  • Quick Output

    If you prefer, you can also select from predefined shapes.

Hand Free Operation

Optimum Outputs

CVD, Diamond, coring
  • Work Smart

    Undertake batch coring operation for up to 25 stones and let the machine take care of the rest.

  • Accuracy with Swiftness

    Transport your all data through barcode based method, for quicker and more accurate coring operations.

  • Minimum Intervention

    The machines are designed to work most on its own, without requiring much human intervention for really long hours. A sure way of maximizing outputs.

Productivity at its Peak

Maximize your rewards

CVD, Diamond, Coring
  • CVD,Diamond,coring

    Swift Import

    No need to fumble for data import, it is just a single click operation for all your coring needs.

  • CVD,Diamond,coring

    Advanced Automation

    Next-gen technology requires minimum inputs from operator and keeps working as planned.

  • CVD, Diamond, coring

    Maximum Yield

    The entire workflow is optimized to provide more diamonds per hour, with desired quality.

  • CVD, Diamond, coring

    Powerful Productivity

    The machines are conceived with just one goal: faster, superior and larger production.

Serves for Years

Cutting-edged advantages

CVD, Diamond, coring
  • Precise Engineering

    The industry-leading innovations from the global leader, STPL, are backed by superior and precise engineering.

  • Low up keeping

    No need to spend your precious, productive times in maintenance of the machines.

  • Superior Material

    Impeccable quality material ensures, break-drown free production, augmenting the yields all the time.


Global leader on your side

CVD, Diamond, coring
  • Undisputed supremacy

    A renowned global leader in diamond processing automation since decades, STPL name itself gives an edge in the diamond industry.

  • Reliable after-sales support

    Unmatched automation solutions are backed with best-in-the-industry service support across the globe.

  • Customization

    Do you have specific requirement for your diamond processing? Our engineers simply love the challenges that can hone their skills.

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