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Automation in CVD: Heralding a New Era

Across the global diamond industry, CVD diamonds are rapidly gaining acceptance. Unlike natural diamonds that are created by geological processes, the CVD diamonds are crafted by artificial means. But the developing processes have grown so advanced that the CVD diamonds are providing very healthy competitions to their natural counterparts.

The key to success in CVD diamonds lies in the methods and processes you choose. In CVD Diamonds, achieving features like refractive index, hardness, density, dispersion and crystalline structure that are extremely similar to the natural diamonds, in not an easy task. It requires highly advanced algorithms and thoughtfully developed technologies to yield optimum results from CVD diamond processing.

There are multiple stages in CVD diamond processing and the yield highly depends on the level of automation in each process. If handled well with highly precise automation, these steps can reduce human errors, even drastically reduce human intervention, and in the process, increase the value of the diamond. On the other hand, if the so-called automation is not precise and not backed with sound technological innovations, it can prove costly for the business.

Here, we will keep on sharing details about the role of automation plays in maximizing CVD yields and how STPL can help you in shifting your diamond processing to the swifter, smarter and superior mode.

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