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Take a quantum leap

Add Unrivaled Shine to Your CVD Diamond Processing

The realm of diamonds is changing swiftly. Keep pace with it, with the leader. STPL, the global pioneer in diamond processing automation, presents incomparable ways of maximizing CVD Diamond yield, with breakthrough innovations.

Shift your diamond processing to the swifter, smarter and superior mode.

CVD Coring

Heralding a new era of maximum outputs, with minimum interventions

Magnus Ace, CVD, processing, Diamond
  • Intelligence at its pinnacle

    Here is the perfect solution for all your diamond coring needs. Offering you full freedom, it ensures hands-free operation, requiring minimum intervention and hence, escalating the outputs. Explore the new standards of productivity.

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CVD Slicing(for CVD Growing)

Carve out your way to profitability, with a new height in slicing.


Peace of mind, guaranteed


Maximize the gains


Performance at its pinnacle


Achieve the unthinkable


Do less, get more


Extend the gains

CVD Slice Edging

Significantly increase the merits of slicing

CVD, processing, Diamond
  • Adding greater worth to slicing

    Adding more value to slicing always pays and solutions for Edging offered by STPL does it seamlessly. Giving precise and accurate cutting as well as sharp and straight edges to slicing is now easier than ever.

Advance Processing :
4P & Blocking

Be it 4P or Blocking, our solutions offer everything that you need to win

CVD, processing, Diamond
  • Get the best of both the worlds

    Advance processing solutions by STPL cover the entire scope of 4P and Blocking. Whichever way you want to move ahead, the end result is always a shining diamond, perfect in every sense.

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CVD Workflow

CVD, processing, Diamond

Astute and Adaptive Way of Working

Taking automation to a new height, the solutions offered by STPL ensures that the processing is done in a much smarter and faster way compared to the conventional methods, achieving optimum brilliance with swift and precise actions.

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